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    Back at KISS’s hotel, the game’s name takes on a whole new meaning.

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    Favorite Dawson/Joey Scene || Swan Song {asked by youvegotwings}

    Joey: You’re gonna get on this plane, Dawson, and you’re gonna go make movies. ‘Cause that’s your dream, and you’re gonna be good to everyone you meet along the way because that’s who you are. And if you ever get lost, you remember.
    Dawson: What?
    Joey: I love you, too.


    Everything about this scene is so perfect and so DJo. They aren’t really lovers here but they aren’t really friends either, they’re somewhere in between. I love that Joey is the optimistic one in this scene, she’s the one who believed in them enough to let him go live his dream. And guh, the way he cradles her face and the way she looks at him just kills me. This here is why they are my OTP of Dawson’s Creek. 

  •  Tom Carnase via library.rit.edu.